Mary Alice Hatch | Dream of Being an Activist 2.0

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Mary Alice Hatch previously shared with us I Didn't Dream of Becoming an Activist and Creating Something Beautiful.  This third post gives us a glimpse of Mary Alice at various points along her hero's journey — discovering her sense of self as she remodeled a home, and more recently as she takes on dreams that bring her even closer to those she loves.  


My daughter Emily and I recently spoke to prominent members of Congress and Healthcare aids about the need for Federal funding from Congress for research for Endometriosis. Emily shared her difficult journey with the disease and how she is handling the pain she still suffers from. I spoke about how difficult it is to diagnose children with Endometriosis, the poor treatments, the affects both physical and mental for women and how common the disease is, which currently affects 1 and 10 women in the US!


I challenged Congress to support the National Institutes of Health and other research avenues, who can provide the research money needed to discover better treatments and a cure for this disease.  We had a large turn out to hear us speak. It was very empowering to be the voice for millions of adolescent and adult women who continue to suffer from the horrible pain that Endometriosis causes, and who are relying on someone to fight for more funding for a better treatment and cure for this terrible disease. I am so grateful to be able to partner with my daughter to create positive change for women worldwide.


Who are you partnering with to further causes that matter to you?
What causes would you want to support with your children?
How are you making meaning of your challenges?

Mary Alice Hatch is the mother of two children, lives in Boston, MA, and never intended to become an activist.  You can learn more about Mary Alice’s efforts to educate pediatricians and mothers about Endometriosis on her NPR interview here and visit the website for Boston Center for Endometriosis and make a donation here.  Any amount is appreciated and will help fund important research to relieve the suffering for millions of adolescents and women, including Mary Alice’s daughter Emily.

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