Mentoring for a Moment

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Is there someone that you admire — that is very much your hero — to whom you can say thank you?

Whether the person responds or not, in our expression of thanks, we not only clarify what we value, our gratitude reminds us that we are not the center of everything, but a part; that we are connected. (Note: though Peggy Noonan didn't respond to my ‘fan mail' two years ago, in setting forth what I admired about her, I clarified how I aspire to be.)

Who admires you? Someone you know well, not at all, younger (probably), the children in your life? Anything you can do to receive this gift freely given?

Gift given, gift received.

Yes, yes, but it feels like there is something more….

In the Identifying my heroes entry, I posed the question, “given that my childhood heroes (Samantha Stevens, UCLA cheerleaders) have shaped who I've become, is it possible that my current heroes (e.g. Peggy Noonan, Laura Laviada) can shape who I will yet become?”

If this is indeed true, then isn't it also true that when we respond to those who admire us, we increase the odds that they will become what they aspire to be?

And finally, when we respond to someone who admires us — aren't we actually saying that we see something magnificent in her that she can’t yet see, and that we are here, in this moment, to be her see-er until she can be her own?

I'm not a betting woman, but I sure do like these odds.

Whose hero are you?

Will you mentor her for a moment?

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