Opening My Mouth About Money

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Money.  You can't live with it.  You can't live without it.

Several years ago, a friend suggested that I discuss ‘money' on my blog.  And I have. Once. In the piece A Down Payment on Our Dream.  But frankly I have avoided this topic.  Ironic given what I do for a living.  Sex may be little discussed, money even less so.

But I'm not sure that's wise. Especially after a recent conversation with my accountant Carol Sanchez.  She writes:

This money thing is so important.  I can't tell you how many divorces I have in my client base since the economy took a bad turn.  Churches should teach financial literacy and I don't mean the basics because it can destroy homes, families and communities.

Marriages are a casualty of war; it had never occurred to me they could also be the casualty of a downturn.

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And so I wonder — do I, do we, need to start thinking about and talking about money, and in partiulcar, the choices we make around our money?  After all, really growing up is about making and owning choices.  How we deploy our money seems like a pretty big choice given it affects us, our family, and community.

And what of our dreams?

I want to produce a documentary.  Financing required.
I want to fund women-owned businesses.  Financing required.
Oh — and I want my children to go to college.  Financing required for that too.

So much to do.
So many dreams.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his essay, “Self Reliance, “In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.”

I don't know that there will be genius here, but the thoughts have been rejected, and now they certainly are coming back.  Let's see what happens.

Opening my mouth about money:  Money with a Capital M.

Have you been thinking about money?

Do you manage your money or does someone else?

Do you live better without it?  Or with it?

What dreams do you have that will require financing?

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