The Real Secret

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It's a film that has been seen by hundreds of millions of people.
The big idea is that if you picture something you desire, in your mind, and repeatedly think about it, you will attract what you want. Bob Proctor, who was featured in The Secret and is on our podcast this week, says this is only the starting point.

It's true that “the future must become present in our imagination.” We need to reprogram the subconscious mind––to believe that we can have something. But if we imagine, and don't do anything, that is fantasyland.

At the same time, if we do the work, without believing something is possible, it won't be. The mind shift is critical to making our work, work.

It's when we visualize it in our mind AND we put in the work to become who and/or what we imagine ourselves to be, then we cannot help but to attract what we need to bring the vision to fruition. Start to become who you want to be, mentally and physically, and the resources will begin to flow your way. Like attracts like.

I realize that I have done this, intuitively rather than deliberately, with my family.

I wanted to have a close-knit family, but when our children were small I didn't really believe it was possible (a bit outside my experience at that point). Nor was I really doing the work to make what I wanted possible.

I asked our friend and professional photographer, LaNola Kathleen Stone, to come to our home and take photos of an ideal typical day from sunrise to sunset. She turned them into a book–a book that I love. (I've shared on Instagram a few of the photos!)

Those photos helped create a picture in my mind of what I wanted my reality to be. Again, I stumbled into this process accidentally, without knowing that was what I was doing. Paraphrasing Neville Goddard, who says, I was “arranging my mind in the image of what I wanted to believe and consent to as true.”

Then I had to—and continue to need to—do the work, even when I feel like I can't, or don't want to, that a close-knit family does. For us this means spending time together: talking, eating, working, worshipping, and playing. When we have conflicts with each other, when we hurt each other's feelings, we bring it up, we talk about it, and we mend what’s frayed.

The conversations that we now have as a family––even having such a wonderful vacation together at Christmastime (learn more) ––are in no small part because of a picture I painted of what I wanted and believed could be true. Now it is true.

When we do the work, then the law of attraction kicks in. Like attracts like.

The real secret requires deciding what you want and dedicating your life to making it happen.

My best,

P.S. You can listen to my full interview with Bob here.

P.P.S. Check out my LinkedIn Live interview with Robert and Kelly Pascuzzi who have just produced their first film, thanks in part to guidance from Bob Proctor. The three of us were accountability partners for a while so I am especially excited to see them achieve this dream. The film is titled The Ravine (trailer) and stars Eric Dane, Teri Polo and Peter Facinelli. A wonderful film of redemption.

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