Most Influential

Ferrell, Jim – Leadership and Self-Deception2020-05-16T15:11:10-04:00
Isaacson, Walter – Benjamin Franklin2018-10-10T13:30:37-04:00
L’Engle Madeleine – A Wrinkle in Time2020-05-16T14:29:46-04:00
Lewis, C.S. – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe2018-10-10T13:31:24-04:00
Heyward, Du Bose – The Country Bunny2018-10-10T13:31:32-04:00
Graham, Katharine – Personal History2018-10-10T13:31:40-04:00
Proctor, Bob – You Were Born Rich2018-09-27T13:24:26-04:00
Ulrich, Wendy – Weakness is Not Sin2018-09-27T13:25:51-04:00
Miller, Donald – Building a Storybrand2018-09-27T13:27:51-04:00