Promises and Dreams

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The setting could not have been more perfect.

A warm evening, sitting on the patio at Catalina Kitchen, the super moon illuminating the ocean. I spent three hours over dinner talking with a dear friend, Lori. I've known Lori since my early days in New York nearly 20 years ago, my secretary days.

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While we talked, she asked me some great questions. First, “What does it mean when your dreams come true?”

And then, digging deeper, she asked me “What promises did you make to yourself as a girl?”

She already knew about one of the promises I made to myself, one about having a happy family. I tell the story of that promise in the opening chapter of my book.

And in fourth grade, I made a promise to myself that I would one day write a book.

My mother, a junior high school teacher, had a dream to write a book, but she never did.

I promised myself that I would.

Our dreams begin as promises to ourselves.

If you are having trouble deciding what your dreams are, think back to your early years, to your wishes, hopes, and promises. In those promises are the seeds of your dreams. And what it means when dreams come true is that promises and hopes are fulfilled.


What promises have you made to yourself? 

What dreams do those promises represent? 

What will you do, today, to move toward your dreams? 

One of my dreams comes to life this week with the launch of Dare,Dream, Do. If you'd like to get involved with the launch, here are three things you could do: 

Buy the book – tomorrow, May 8. Perhaps you want to buy some online this week, and visit a Barnes and Noble store near you after May 15th to find a copy on the shelf to buy.

Share through social media? I included a few possible tweets below. If you blog, consider blogging about your dreams… because remarkable things happen when you share your dreams. If you blog, please include a link back to the book. Find more ideas and resources here

If you've already read the book, share an Amazon review.

Consider starting a Dare, Dream, Do discussion group. Each chapter ends with questions. Perhaps you can email 5 friends, today, to tell them about the book, encourage them to buy it, and set a date to start dreaming together.

Here are some tweets to share tomorrow (choose your favorite, or write your own):

Celebrating the launch of @daredreamdo by @johnsonwhitney

I can’t wait to buy and read @daredreamdo

A terrific graduation present @daredreamdo

“A book at once poignant and powerful.” @mwbuckingham @daredreamdo Get yours

“I want to give this book to every woman I know.” @LollyDaskal @daredreamdo Buy now!

“@daredreamdo is the roadmap you’ve been looking for.” @hghalvorson

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