Q Up Your Dreams: Quotes to Get You Daring and Dreaming

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At four months prior to the launch of Dare, Dream, Do, Rusty Shelton, one of the publicists associated with Bibliomotion, said, “Whitney, you need to come up with a campaign, like Tony Schwartz‘ brilliant Take Back Your Lunch.”  Sure thing, I thought.  I routinely scatter marketing ideas like dandelions to the wind.

But then nothing.  For weeks. Nothing.

In the interim, I'd become enamored with Pinterest, thanks to Emily Snyder‘s fantastic cubicle decor.  But still nothing.  Until I began to rely on and collaborate with people like Becky Robinson.  As she and I were brainstorming one morning, the idea came.

I love quotes.  I continually retweet and repin them. They inspire me.  In Dare, Dream, Do, one of my favorite chapters includes quotes that encapsulate my beliefs, a chapter which never would have been written w/o contributor/editor Melissa Stanton‘s urging. Why not compile my favorite quotes related to dreaming, ask Aarean Jergensen to graphically render them, and upload them to Pinterest?


Becky then said, why not also create an ebook, one with quality images that can be downloaded, printed, and framed so that we have visual reminders of daring and dreaming?

Now that the book is complete, I'm squealing with delight and I want my friends to be the first to have it.  Leave a comment below, and I'll e-mail you a copy.

All of this wouldn't be happening without your well-timed words of encouragement, your tremendously rich commentary, and the stories of your dreams; you are like strawberries, sunshine and sweetness, and I am deeply grateful.


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