S Curve Insight™ Platform

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Power of the S Curve

This framework empowers you to maximize your growth and make progress toward what matters most.

S Curve Distribution

See where your team is in their growth journey.

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Growth Accelerants

Identify and lean into strengths, mitigate weaknesses.

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Team Culture

Assess your organization’s culture and health.

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The fundamental unit of growth in any organization is the individual. The S Curve Insight™ Platform helps individuals take control of their career so they and the organization can grow.

After taking the assessment, individuals:

  • Receive an instant assessment and learn where they are located on the S Curve in their current role
  • Get an analysis of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Understand the next steps in their growth journey
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Get insights on your team and empower their growth

With insights from the S Curve Insight Platform, we help you grow your people to grow your company.

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What is the S Curve Insight™ Platform?

Backed by over 20 years of research, consulting, and coaching, the S Curve Insight Platform is a proprietary technology framework that pinpoints where your employees are in their growth journey.

After taking our assessment, individuals receive actionable insight on how to grow faster in their current role using the Seven Accelerants of Growth.

Through customized training, group and individual coaching, we help individuals grow so your organization can reach its potential.

What can this do for your team?

Show you where each team member is in their growth journey.

Identify the right Accelerants to further fuel growth.

Assess the health of your Ecosystem and reveal opportunities for transformation.

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Features of the Platform

The S Curve of Learning™

The S Curve of Learning models personal growth: what your most important goals are, and the progress you are making toward achieving them. Every new skill learned, every challenge taken, takes the form of a distinct learning curve. You can pinpoint where you are in the growth process; you can determine what your next step needs to be. You can use this model to self-direct your growth; you can use it to help others grow.

Whether in your career, in your team members, in your organization, or your personal life—your growth journey can be visualized as a rising S-shaped curve (like a wave) with three broad categories:

Launch Point

On the launch point, individuals are new to a role, facing new challenges, and likely need extra support, while their "fresh eyes" perspective can offer valuable insight. Growth feels slow.

Sweet Spot

This is where individuals are enjoying the challenge, where things are hard, but not too hard, and easy, but not too easy. Momentum is maintained through focus. Growth is and feels fast.


If things become too easy, growth slows and people become bored. Growth in mastery comes from big challenges in the current role or in transitioning to a new role in the organization.

The Seven Accelerants of Growth™

Our attitudes and behaviors can either slow or accelerate our growth. We have identified Seven Accelerants that, if employed, will speed growth along the S Curve.

They help people disrupt themselves by examining patterns, challenge assumptions, and look at problems in new and dynamic ways.

Take the Right Risks

Growth is not guaranteed or easy––it requires risk. Learning to identify and take the right risks, to distinguish them from reckless risks, will accelerate growth.

Team Culture Assessment

The growth of individuals is strongly influenced by the culture of a team and organization. The S Curve Insight highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a culture, empowering leaders to intervene with confidence. These areas include:


Vibrant connections are difference between isolated individuals.


Teams only thrive and grow in a context with the right physical and emotional resources.


Management relationships that are open and invested in growth will nurture individuals and teams.


Successful teams have the spirit to bounce back from inevitable setbacks.

Get insights on your team and empower their growth

With insights from the S Curve Insight Platform, we help you grow your people to grow your company.

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The S Curve of Learning framework has revolutionized how I think about developing my team.

- Sumeet Shetty, Development Manager, Intelligent Enterprise Solutions, SAP

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