Tell Your Soundtrack Story: High School, Cheerleading and Finding True Love

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In analyzing my teenage ‘tell your story' soundtrack, I observed a thing or two about myself. Not so much the need for story edits, but definitely some insights, clues as to what I might want to think about as I write my story into the future.

But more on that later.

As you scan this playlist, you'll see that, as a teenager, daring to dream for me was largely about becoming a cheerleader and finding true love. Piano and grades had become inconsequential, and angst was now on the scene: so much of living gets compressed into those four years.

Which songs best tell the story of your teenage years? What do your song choices say about your emerging and shifting priorities as you moved out of childhood?


Nature Boy — Nat King Cole's music bound me to my grandparents (first heard his music at my grandparents' home) and parents (my mom heard him live in San Francisco before he died), even as I began to individuate. I think this song put to music some of the sadness of those years — thrilled to be growing up. And not.

Still the One — In 8th grade, I went to see the Castillero Jr. High songgirls perform. After watching these pretty, and seemingly popular, girls perform to this song, I knew I wanted to be just like them.

Play That Funky Music — At the first school dance I remember attending, the DJ played this song, and I reveled in the abandon. (I don't know about you, but I am intrigued by the fact that at every age there have been songs that remind me just how much I longed to imagine and explore.)

Always and Forever — Being in love, and having my heart broken, for the first time. Ironic that I chose a tune which referred to ‘always' and ‘forever'.

Can't Hide Love — Though the song makes me so, so happy today, as a 16 year-old, ‘Can't Hide Love' always made me think of two boys (they don't know it of course) to whom I had given my heart.

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