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The ability to see our life as a comprehensible story is a key to our happiness. Robert Atkinson


It has been said by a number of psychologists who study recovery from trauma that mourning without empathy leads to madness, and that the person who suffers loss must be able to give testimony to someone as a way of working-through and learning from this loss.

We often think of loss of a marriage or a loved one, but there is also the loss of a friend, our spry young bodies, or lost opportunities that need to be acknowledged. We often don’t give voice to these losses because we think they aren’t big enough to mourn.

But they are.

As we give voice to these experiences, whether through words, scrapbooking, painting, song, or other expression, we will experience the catharsis that comes with giving testimony, and our experience gains power, and can influence people's lives, whether the women with whom we are daring to dream, or our daughters.

Thank you to Ashley Goldberg for sharing her artwork with us.

Her work had such meaning for me, I bought two of her prints: Storytime and another which I will share at a later date.

What story of yours is waiting to be told?

What medium will you use?

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