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It may seem a little rash.

But it isn't.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Ang reminded me I was pre-diabetic.
He'd actually sent me a letter a couple of months ago.
Qhich I'd ignored.
Because I didn't want to hear it.

I love sugar, especially chocolate chip cookies.
And, typically, I am ‘so good'.
I don't smoke, drink, take drugs, gamble, sleep around…
And now you are taking my pretty little sugar away?

I told the doctor I was mad.
I told my husband and kids I was rebelling.
And then I would reform.

But I work so hard.
Can't I just give myself a cookie?

My doctor is persuaded I can find other things that will make me happy.


Can I?

I think I'm addicted.
My son who is taking AP Psychology says technically, I'm not.
I'm just psychologically dependent.
(Yes, my tax dollars are hard at work, helping my children tell me how dumb I am.)

I do need to do cut back on sugar.
I want to — because I really don't want diabetes.
Shedding a few pounds would be nice too.

But the fact is, I can't rebel against diabetes on my own.
I've tried.
So, I'll be reporting every day — on Twitter.

Viva la resolution.

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