Alyson Jenkins | Be Your Own Batman

2017-08-18T13:19:55-04:00June 22nd, 2009|Guest Bloggers|

Alyson Jenkins is the mother of two young sons and lives with her husband in the city of Boston. While she is enjoying her time as a stay at home mom, she dreams of a day when she can return to her professional helping role in psychotherapy, treating children and their families. In addition to receiving a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College, Alyson is an avid marathoner and fitness enthusiast. She authors The Doubting Daikon, a blog where she chronicles her family's journey toward eating natural, organic, local, and sustainable whole foods. She begins: One of my dad’s friends always said, “What’s better than one, Meidell? My sister and I would grin shouting in unison, “Two Meidells!” In our small California town, I was Brooke’s little sister, one of Pat’s daughters, and Mr. Meidell’s youngest girl (though people often thought my dad was my grandpa). I did know where I belonged. But in retrospect, my life felt solely defined by my relationships -- by being someone else's something.