Finding My Voice: An Interview with Maria Carr

When Maria Carr asked me to be a guest on her TV show At Home, I almost said no.

I wanted to do it.

But I was scared.

Would anyone beyond my close-knit circle care about ‘dare to dream'?

Could I distill my ideas into 2-3 minute snippets?

Would I get overly nervous?  (I still remember cheerleading tryouts my junior year — the year I didn't make it — my voice audibly quavered).

And what would I wear?   Would I look good on camera?

But if I said no, if I didn't face my fear, if I didn't thank Maria for the opportunity to practice finding my voice, wouldn't I be hypocritical?

So I said yes, I prepared, and fortuitously I was surrounded by an ad hoc ‘dare to dream' team the morning of the interview. Two of my friends called to wish me luck. Maria kindly prepped and encouraged me. Lovely Dawn Weidauer did my hair and make-up while production manager Lisa Edwards ingeniously gerry-rigged my broken earring with copper wire. I could go on…

As you'll hear in the clips, I stumbled a bit here and there. But — I did it — I faced my fear and walked through the unknown!

It will be easier next time.

Is someone handing you an opportunity to find your voice — and you're not saying yes because you are scared?

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