Grateful: Day 2

This morning I woke up thirsty.  I drank a tall glass of cold, clean water.  I then brushed my teeth (ooh, that peppermint fresh breath.)   I showered in hot, pulsating water.  Later, I'll wash the dishes in warm, sudsy water.  As a nightcap, I'll splash my face with warm, invigorating water.  Occasionally, I treat myself to a shampoo and style.  And, I have many happy memories of swimming in (or sitting by, if truth be told) the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, mountain lakes in the Sierra Nevada, running rivers in the American West, and swimming pools across the globe.

All thanks to clean, hot or cold (as I like), water.

Yesterday, I read that Matt Langdon, founder of the Hero Construction Company had raised $5,000 for Charity: Water in order to build a well that will provide a village with clean water for 25 years.

Source:  istockphoto

I have clean, running water every single day of my life.

Unexpectedly humbled.


What are you grateful for?

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