LaNola Kathleen Stone | Measuring Up

LaNola Kathleen Stone, an award-winning photographer and art director in New York City, tells stories (both her own and others) with images. She specializes in shooting children's fashion and interiors, though recently she's received accolades for her images of dogs/pets.  

She prefaces her essay with the following:  “Measuring Up is an editorial story I created to fulfill an assignment to shoot amusement park Coney Island.  The concept was to juxtapose the refinement of the mother's outfit with the simplicity of the child.  Issues explored were based on the relationships observed while visiting the park; both mother and child trying to measure up to each others' expectations, both often coming up short.”















10STONE_D4O2274All rights reserved:  LaNola Kathleen Stone
Concept/Art Direction:  LaNola Kathleen Stone
Photographer:  LaNola Kathleen Stone


Thank you Sophie, Nicola & Bobby 
as well as Robert and Nic's Mom.


And thanks to Whitney for her consistent interest in, and encouragement of my work.


Rebecca Menzie raised the theme of measuring up in her post two days ago.   Do we measure up to the standards we perceive society to have set?  To those we set for ourselves?
When I posted the open invitation to guest blog, many seem to have wanted to participate, but demurred, expressing concerns about measuring up:  Will I have something to say?  Will it be said well? Will I be received? 
Yes, yes, and yes.
If you would like to guest post in July or August, will you reach out to me?

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