Dare to Dreamgirl: Dana King

I almost missed this.

Dana King is my co-blogger at Know Your Neighbor; we talk (virtually) virtually every day.

She'd been toying with the idea of blogging for months; Dana has something to say AND she wants to find her voice.


Having launched her blog in late August, Dana is now blogging several times a week, and I almost — almost — zoomed right past her accomplishment.

Until I remembered what I learned from rock climbing:  look both up, and down, forward — and back.

Dana has many, many wonderful, grand plans, which makes looking back difficult to do.

It's so easy to wonder – next, next — what's next?

But, I need to, I want to, celebrate the launch of her blog, to celebrate the fact that this delightful, engaging, tremendously competent woman (just take a look at her Habitat for Humanity project) is both finding and sharing her voice.

Congratulations Dana — like Jane , you are now an official, bona fide, dare to dreamgirl!

Any of your recent accomplishments — along the way, if you will – that we need to celebrate?

What about with our children — are we giving them Atta Girls and Atta Boys — for their accomplishments?

What about our spouses, friends?

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