HBR Blog: Can ‘Nice Girls’ Negotiate?

Another of my posts is up at HarvardBusiness.org.  It's titled Can ‘Nice Girls' Negotiate? and is a revised (with conclusions) version of Can Nice Girls Ask?

It's pretty exciting to be posting over there; definitely one of my dreams.

Thank you for sharing in the excitement with me.

HBR Blog: Summoning the Courage to Tear Down Walls

I guest posted over at HarvardBusiness.org today.

Before you read the post, I'd encourage you to watch this clip from President Reagan's “Tear Down the Wall” speech.

Do you remember Reagan giving this speech?

When was the last time you delivered tough talk to someone?  Or someone to you?  What was your motivation?  What happened?

What walls do you need to tear down in order to achieve your dream?

P.S.   Eva Koleva Timothy's story, in part, prompted this post; Stacey Petrey pressed me to further explore the implications of the ‘tear down'; Elizabeth Harmer-Dionne forwarded me the WSJ piece on Reagan; had Stacey and Liz Economy not ‘dared' me to submit my posts to HarvardBusiness.org, I wouldn't have.  A dream team indeed. 

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