What is Your Dream?

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.  William Shakespeare

After a ‘dare to dream' presentation last week, several women asked for my list of eight questions that I use for brainstorming.  I thought you'd like to see them too.


  1. What do I think about when I don’t have to think about anything?  When I go to the bookstore, what kinds of books do I look at?  Which magazines do I leaf through?
  2. What did I love to do as a young girl?
  3. What skills or competencies have I acquired over my life, especially out of necessity rather than want?  How are they transferable? 
  4. What piece of me do I feel I have set aside?  And why did I?
  5. What is something that I am really good at?
  6. What has been my biggest challenge in life thus far?  Who would I be without this challenge?
  7. What did my parents want to accomplish and didn’t?
  8. Who are my heroes and why?


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