Filling the Empty Spaces in Our Soul

My friend Sally Harker recently commented, “I love nearly everything about your blog, especially reading stories of women who are achieving their dreams. BUT what about (which is when she sent me the link to this cartoon)…..the women whose dreams go unfulfilled?”

New Yorker - Barbara Smaller

Sally has always asked me thoughtful questions (thanks to her, I wrote this post).

In this instance, I'll answer her question with a rhetorical question — have any of you achieved all your dreams?

I haven't.

Do any of you have empty spaces? Empty spaces that never get filled — at least on a timetable you like.

I do.

When dreams go unfulfilled, and spaces in our soul are empty, there is sadness — we need to honor that sadness.

But isn't it also true that as we look to fill our empty spaces, it is then that we begin to ‘write our story, one in which we are the hero, and ultimately make our greatest contributions?

What are your thoughts?

As you go back and read the posts from guest bloggers, can you see a recurring theme?   Space that was empty — and a figuring out how to fill it?  And have you noticed that in the figuring out, women are finding their magic?  Becoming heroes of their story?

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