Our Inner Goliath

If I were to ask, “Who do you most relate to — David or Goliath?”, most of us would answer, “David”.  And that's a good thing.

But before we go in-depth (in another post) on the David archetype, let's consider for a moment that we might want to — and can — tap into our inner Goliath as well.

In Malcolm Gladwell's May 2009 article How David Beats Goliath, he cites political scientist Ivan Arreguin-Toft who has analyzed every war fought between strong and weak combatants over the past 200 years.  “The Goliaths, those in which the stronger side was at least 10x more powerful, in terms of armed might and population”, he found, “won in 71.5% per cent of the cases.”

New York David Goliath

You may be thinking — I like those odds, but when am I ever in a situation where I am 10x more powerful than my opponent?

More often than we believe.

Whether making something happen for ourselves, our family, business, or community — power comes when we play to our strengths.  In war, strength is defined as “armed might and population”.  In tacking life's challenges, strength(s), according to Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts, can be defined as:

1.    Our innate talents.
2.    The competencies we've developed;
3.    What we believe (our principles);
4.    Our identities (gender, race, ethnicity, religion).

What are your strengths?

Are they so much a part of who you are you don't recognize them?

Once you identify them, will you own them?

If we really believed that the odds of success were in our favor 7 out of 10 times, as did Goliath, how much more would we take on?

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