“Spoiler” Alert

I woke up this morning happy, rolled over, slept some more.

An hour later, I woke up again, giddy.

My husband took our children to visit with family for the day.

So I'm home alone without a list of a million things that I expect myself to get done because my perfectionist self is away as well…I kindly asked that she go on holiday — and proceeded to give myself a permission slip…

To watch two episodes of What Not to Wear (if anyone would like to nominate me — would you please?)

To get up when I want to.

To think what I want to.

To do what I want to — when I want to.

Used by permission from Swallowfield

What will I do today?

I don't know yet.

And I don't need or want to know.

My friend Jen said to me recently, “How can I ‘dare to dream' when I don't even have time to think my own thoughts?”

She's absolutely right, isn't she?

If you don't quite have it in you to carve out a day alone ‘just because', when your husband or boyfriend or roommates or parents or friends ask you what you want for your next birthday, tell them you want a day all by yourself — in your very own house — to think your own thoughts.

It's going to be hard to ask — so before you do — you may want to read: Martha and Mary, Psyche and Choice, Asking for What We Want, Learning to Give Myself What I Need

A day by your self will feel indulgent.

It will spoil you.

And it will feel wonderful.

Have any of you done this recently?

Just how hard was it? Or not?

How did you feel?

Did you find there was there more, not less, of your self, more ability to care and connect?

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