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Today I discovered Gretchen Rubin's blog The Happiness Project. I found it to be inspiring, a go-to place on those days when we aren't quite up to dreaming. I was also delighted to find another woman's voice: when we hear women speak who have found their voices, we can more readily find ours.

Below are just a few highlights:

In her Seven tips to make you happier in the next hour, I especially liked the two that involved systergy:

1) Reach out to a friend — make a phone call, set a lunch date. Three cheers for oxytocin ladies!

2) Do a good deed — connect two people that you think would enjoy knowing one another, or shoot off an e-mail of gratifying praise.

Another highlight is her entry Feeling underappreciated? that encourages us to stop seeking for external validation, and to validate ourselves. One of the reasons women are starved for validation is because early on we were always asked to give it away. Remember the Sara Rimer article For girls it's be yourself, and be perfect too.

The question now is — if we weren't pampered and affirmed then, will we find ways to pamper and affirm ourselves now?

When we do, we will open the door to our dreaming.

And discovering more of who we are.

If you do like The Happiness Project, why not send Gretchen an e-mail right now and tell her?

Do you find, as I do, that it really is easier to find your voice when you can read women who have found theirs?

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