Configuring a Space for Our Dreams

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We just moved closer to Boston last week — only 30 miles east, but a seismic shift in many ways.  So I'm thinking a lot about management consultant Tom Peters' thoughts on space configuration.

Here's a quick snippet from the 2-minute YouTube video clip, which you can watch as well.

“If I live within 100 feet of you, in the course of a week, you and I will cross paths or go to the bathroom or whatever, and we’ll talk with each other seven times, let’s say. If you’re more than 100 feet, I won’t see you or I won’t talk to you more than once a month.”

To me, Tom Peters' ideas have profound implications for our dreaming.  For example: 

If one of your dreams is to have a closer relationship with loved ones, whether family or friends, but you don't live near one another, what are you doing to achieve proximity despite the distance? 

In addition to physical distance, there's emotional distance — as teenagers individuate, for instance.   Are we making time to be beside them while they are doing whatever they want to be doing, just to be with them?  Making the effort to be a part of their space, on their terms? 

What about dreams for you?  If you want to write or run or be alone (so you can figure out what your dream is), is there a place for you?  A time allotted?


P.S.  Here's a piece I wrote when we first started the hedge fund about space.

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