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Do you have a team that helps you accelerate through growth?

Are your employees reaching their potential and keeping up with the pace of your organization?

Our customized training solutions can be combined with our diagnostics to get an accurate picture of where your team is now and where they need to go next.

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Training & Diagnostics

High growth organizations need high growth individuals. Whether you are a start-up, growth stage company, private-equity backed or high growth generally, if your organization is going to go where you want it to go, you need employees who can take you there. You need people who can keep up.

Leveraging our proprietary S Curve of Learning™ and Personal Disruption Frameworks, along with WLJ Advisors' expertise in coaching, teaching and consulting, we help you calibrate your people for growth. Our work begins with conversations and assessments – understanding where people are individually, as well as organizationally, on their current S Curve of Learning.

Next, through training and coaching, we introduce our seven-point framework of Personal Disruption, the mechanism by which people become high-growth individuals. Once you understand that the fundamental unit of disruption is the individual, your organization can reach its collective potential.

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We can’t thank you enough for such an incredible Leadership Masters session!  I’m looking forward to debriefing the experience with you. Thanks again for crushing it for us this week. Participants are enthusiastic about their learning experience and sharing that enthusiasm with their managers.

Pamay Bassey, Chief Learning Officer, KraftHeinz

Find calm in times of chaos.

Download our free resource outlining the Accelerants/Guardrails of disruption – including books, podcasts, and TED talks to help you find calm in times of chaos as you move up your S Curve of Learning.

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Gain insight into growth, adaptability and agility

Download our free resources outlining the Accelerants of Growth—including books, podcasts and TEDtalks to help you move up your S Curve of Learning.