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In the YA novel Queen’s Own Fool, a fictional account of the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, written by Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris, Queen Mary brings Nicola into her service, saying, “You have only one duty, Nicola, and that is to be yourself.  Be honest at all times, even when everyone else is telling me only what he/she thinks I should hear. You must remind me ‘Remember, thou art but mortal.’ You will be surprised at how difficult it is to do as I ask, but it is all I want.” Like Queen Mary, we all need a person whose job it is to tell us the truth, and for whom there will be no recrimination for doing so.

My accountant Carol Sanchez recently said to me, it’s time for to you to take more ownership of your money.  Yes, a person can hire some of these tasks out, like bookkeeping, but you personally need to stay on top of this, just as you do your business finances. She's right. I may delegate pieces of this, but owning my power, which includes "owning that I earn money", is essential to dreaming.

I have several dear friends who are truth-tellers.  They tell me when I am being self-indulgent and self-absorbed; they also say tell me when I am discounting myself.  They become the dearer for this because I know I can trust them.

My most important truth-teller is my husband. I'll tell him my interpretation of events and he’s more than willing to tell me my take might not be quite right. Have you considered that X, Y or Z, might also be true?  I've even gotten pretty good at not getting peevish when he makes these observations. And who among us has not been told the truest truths by our children?

As we dream, we have blind spots.  Our blind sides can be deadly. 

We need people who will speak to us the truth.

Who are your truth-tellers?

How have they helped you as you achieve your dreams?  Telling you when you are off the mark whether you are vastly overestimating — and especially underestimating — yourself? 

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