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Our team of veteran coaches know how to empower leaders and teams where it counts most.

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Based with proven methodologies and data-backed solutions

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Empower the leaders and teams in your organization.

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Workshop Topics

We offer powerful workshops suited to fit a range of teams and needs.

Accelerate Your Growth;

Managing Your Career, Managing Your Life

Understand the 7-point framework of personal disruption

Learn to leverage each of the seven accelerants, whether early, mid-career or seasoned professional

Develop a high-growth, change-ready mindset

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Build An A Team

Become a Boss People Want to Work For

Get grounded in the S Curve of Learning framework

Foster a growth, change-ready mindset

Pinpoint where each employee is in their growth

Develop a plan to help them navigate their growth

Learn to build a portfolio of S Curves suited to you needs

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Disrupt or Be Disrupted

How You Deal With Disruption Defines You

Prepare your team to leverage disruption for themselves, for your organization

Teach them about the S Curve of Learning Framework

Use the 7-point framework of personal disruption to catalyze change and build momentum along the growth curve

Nurture trust and collaboration through commitments to not only self-direct growth, but help others grow

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Want to Grow Your Company?

Get Smart about the growth of your people

Learn about the S Curve of Learning, a model for smart growth

Identify where you and each member of your team is in their growth

Help them navigate their growth––from the launch point to sweet spot to mastery. Once you understand what growth looks like, you can affect growth

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What is the S Curve Insight Platform?

Backed by over 20 years of research, the S Curve Insight platform is a proprietary framework and technology that:

  • Identifies where each individual, including you, are on their growth journey.
  • Provides actionable insights around each of the Seven Accelerants of Growth.
  • Empowers self-directed growth leading to organizational innovation and growth.
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Empower the leaders and teams in your organization.

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Whitney's webinar was extraordinary and coupled with her down-to-earth delivery.

Cory Kelly Proctor

Proctor Gallagher Group


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