It's possible to thrive – both as a leader and as an individual – even in the midst of chaotic times.

Life has unexpectedly and suddenly been disrupted across the globe. We didn’t choose this disruption — circumstances created it. But however it comes, disruption is an opportunity to grow and thrive. Our online workshops provide a roadmap and the skillsets and frameworks you need to move forward with increasing confidence.

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How do you develop a high-growth culture?

You develop high-growth individuals!

WLJ Advisors uses our proprietary research and framework of disruption to design and deliver customized workshops. We provide participants with the mindset to master personal disruption and equip leaders with the tools to build high-growth teams.  In each workshop, attendees will:

  1. Understand the personal disruption framework.
  2. Know how to leverage each key disruptive accelerant.
  3. Begin to develop a high-growth mindset, ready to embrace the future.

We'll work together to create and implement a solution so you can effectively lead your team through change.

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Applying the S-curve to individuals is revolutionary and incredibly impactful. This has been especially valuable for our emerging leaders and managers who know have a framework for not only their development but also for their team.  Everyone now understands they are not only responsible for their own learning, but now have a way to think about how to manage the learning of every person they work with, especially those they lead.

Dave Daines, Chief Human Capital Officer, Big River Steel

The amazing Whitney Johnson came to San Diego & shared the great learning of powerful, meaningful & aware disruption thinking with the WD-40 Company global Leadership Council- she left them with more tools to make our Tribe even more awesome!!

Garry Ridge, CEO, WD-40

Find calm in times of chaos.

Download our free resource outlining the Accelerants/Guardrails of disruption – including books, podcasts, and TED talks to help you find calm in times of chaos as you move up your S Curve of Learning.