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In January 2012, Amelia Hertzberg wrote the post Ballerina, Superspy, Oh My after which I dared her to date her dreams.  She took the dare.  Here’s Amelia’s accounting.

I have now dated two of my three dreams: acting and painting. Over the course of the year, I’ve been in three community theater productions. One of those productions was a musical, and I discovered that I can sing…without making babies cry and cats join in the chorus. Some of you who have heard me may disagree, but after getting offered a part in a musical where I was one of the few in the show without a degree in vocal performance, I have to say I’m no longer afraid to sing out. I’m planning on starting voice lessons and to continue to pursue acting and singing.

After painting four pictures, I also discovered that my paintings aren’t half bad for someone who’s never taken painting lessons, and I enjoy it much more than some other hobbies I’ve tried over the years.  (My stint in sewing left my husband worried for my safety as I used to wave the scissors around menacingly when the fabric wasn’t coming together well). I plan on taking painting classes in the fall to improve my skill. In addition to filling my own walls, I can share this piece of myself with friends.

zakim bridge

As for my third dream, having a job in environmental policy, that requires a graduate degree, and I wasn’t able to date it this year. I’ll be researching programs and taking the GRE during the next academic year, though, and plan to apply for the 2014 school year.

Any dreams you have delayed for a loved one?
Are you currently dating any dreams?
What happens when you say your dreams aloud?
Have you taken an accounting on of these dreams?


Amelia Hertzberg grew up in Groveland, Massachusetts as the baby of three children. Currently she lives in Belmont, Massachusetts with her own three babies. Her interests include hiking, reading, creating, and having dance parties with her children. Now that her husband has finished his schooling, she is going to seriously date her third dream.

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