And the Three Wishes (Three Asks)…

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This week I feel a bit like a character in a fairy tale, granted three wishes, that have all come true.

My team and I sent emails to a list of friends and connections, and we basically made three asks (on top of the biggest ask – buy the book):

1. Tweet about the book. (More about that in another post.)

2. Blog about the book.

3. Write an Amazon review about the book.

Wednesday evening I shared links to several blog posts about the book, and since that post published, there have been several more, including this beautiful post from Cali Yost on Fast Company which was since picked up in South Africa.  These blog posts are all so special, and I plan to share another collection of links very soon.

A few weeks ago, my friend Judy Robinett shared an article with me that underscored the importance of customer reviews — even beyond big name endorsements.  So, today I wanted to say a special thank you to the 24 individuals who have shared Amazon reviews about the book.

Here are some excerpts:

Dare, Dream, Do is a joy to read. But that joy is nothing compared to the far greater rewards of living your dream. This book puts you in the company of women who have disrupted their lives in pursuit of their own dreams, and shows you what a messy, fascinating, complex process it is.– E.A.Brown

Where the book really shines is when it comes to actualizing the dream…The respectful, encouraging and inspiring advice may be enough to transform many hopes into action. — Jess Alexander

There was something fundamentally different about my experience of reading “Dare, Dream, Do.” Because of the beautiful stories shared by so many wonderful women, I felt more nourished than galvanized. Reading this book was like the exhale you have when you realize things haven't turned out exactly how you planned, but with this acceptance, you can move forward. In fact it's the way most people do. For this reason, it's one of my favorite books of the genre. — “A muller”

I know “Dare Dream Do” and her “Dare to Dream” blog

[…] are largely written for women, but as a man I feel the principles are universal. Plus I want to make sure I'm helping my wife and daughters achieve their dreams. — Erik Orton

You can read more on the Amazon page. And if you haven't added yours, I look forward to reading it.

Thanks for making my launch week fairy-tale special.

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