160. Battle Entitlement

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Regardless of where we are on that S curve of learning – the launch point, the sweet spot, the high end – and regardless of who we are, we need to take up arms and battle our sense of entitlement.

What does it mean to battle entitlement? This accelerant of disruption can be a curve killer. But if we can wage and win our battle against it, then it becomes the biggest booster. It becomes the most important and powerful of the seven accelerants.

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We are talking all about why it's so critical that we learn to battle entitlement all along our individual S curve of learning, as well as discussing three specific kinds of entitlement, cultural, intellectual and emotional entitlement, and their antidotes. We will then ask the bigger question, which is – why? Why is it so important that we set aside our ego, that we battle entitlement in order to climb the S curve of learning?

There is so much here – including my current thinking on this topic. I hope you'll take a walk around the block on one of your breaks today and listen to the episode in the player below, or download and enjoy it on Apple Podcasts. If you’re so inclined, please leave us a review!

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