Building a Business Model Around a Book

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In Clayton Christensen's book The Innovator’s Prescription he explains that business model innovation is one of the core elements of a successful market disruption.  Meaning, that a simplifying technology may spark the disruption, but it is the business model that maximizes the reach of the technology.  Last month I wrote about what I've learned thus far in writing/publishing Dare Dream Do. This month, I'll share what I'm doing to wrap a business model around the book:

1)  Build a website (or online presence) — It's not really true that if you're not on the web you don't exist. But it is. My online presence has historically been more of a stake in the ground with the simple landing page, and this here blog. With the launch of the book, it's time to have a proper homestead.  The problem is that just as I am not much good at a major remodel of a home, remodeling and expanding my website isn't my forte either.  I do have a pretty strong sense of what I want the site to do, but the design and technical aspects are out of the realm of my expertise.  Fortunately, I've got a good designer in Brandon Jameson, a good builder Eric Hackenberger, and Rusty Shelton for SEO optimization.  Stay tuned.

2)  Shoot a 2 -minute video trailer – As an online retailer, Amazon has the luxury (or call it a requirement) of hosting a 1 1/2-2 minute video trailer.  Happily, Jill Friedlander at Bibliomotion connected me with Dean Russell who shot the trailer, while my book manager Carolyn Monaco introduced me to Phoebe Ramler; and, no I didn't want to take the make-up off ever, I felt so lovely.  Meanwhile my friend Julie Marriott was kind enough to let us use her kitchen for the shoot. Dare Dream Do is meant to feel like we are sitting around a table drinking hot cocoa while sharing stories with treasured friends.  Julie's home and friendship captures that feeling perfectly.  The hardest part of the day was the first couple of takes. I got all wooden-y, trying to deliver a memorized script rather than just talking about why I wrote the book. I did finally loosen up; I hope that viewers will sense my enthusiasm for the topic.

3)  Write an e-book on how to run a Dare Dream Do circle/retreat.  I procrastinated on that one for several weeks. But alas, I have finally started, and do plan to hit my deadline of February 15.  I don't know yet whether this will be sold as an e-book or be downloadable for free on the website.  This will be about 10 pages long, and be a sort of lesson that will allow women to study the book together, either in one evening, or 2-3 evenings.  Because what women do is so often intangible and difficult to measure, my experience is that we dream best when we dream together.

4)  Organize my social media life — "Are't you already a social animal?" my daughter would ask me.  It's true I am, but Becky Robinson, who was referred to me by JesseLyn Stoner, is helping me put some order around all my animal activities.  Like — "create the daredreamdo facebook page"; then ask all of your friends to like your facebook page (please do); create a twitter page for daredreamdo. Working with Becky is a pleasure.  She's expert, has a tremendous ethic, and has an excitement for the book that goes well beyond money.

5)  Blurbs — Blurbs, of course, are 3rd party endorsements from people who are not only willing to invest the time to read the book, but to share a small piece of their good reputation.  Asking for blurbs is a bit scary, especially from people you know and admire.  WHAT IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT?  But when you get one back, it's quite thrilling.  Here's one, for example, from Barbara Corcoran, NYC real estate mogul and investor on ABC's reality show Shark Tank. 

Dare.Dream.Do is filled with great advice and energizing true stories from real women who are bootstrapping their way toward a dream.  Pick up this book and you just might find yourself living a life you’ve only imagined! This should be required reading for anyone with a forgotten wish, a pie-in-the-sky fantasy or a quiet dream hidden in their heart.  In other words, Everyone.

The countdown continues. It's only 93 days until May 8, 2012, she squeals.

Will you go to the Dare Dream Do page and Like?

Do you have a dream that is in search of a business model?

Anything you'd like to know about the process of launching a book?

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