Closer to Our Dreams

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Me to my 15 year-old son as I stomp up the stairs:

“Why are you asking me where your computer is?”

Now, I'm picking up the computer, (and speaking in a not-so-quiet, not-so-gentle voice), and place it back on the bed not so gently, “It is RIGHT on top of your bed.”

“Why can't you keep track of of your things?”

Stomp back downstairs to watch Kyra Sedgewick (The Closer) lecture one of her colleagues about how the legal system works pretty well until you throw out the rulebook while she is herself in the midst of a lawsuit for having herself thrown out the book. One of her supervisors then asks “You think she's conscious of what she's saying?”

The next morning as I leave on a business trip I can't find my credit card.  Anywhere. Being a bit more mature than my son, I don't actually yell (well I don't really yell) at anyone because I've now graduated to yelling only when I'm highlighting others' faults.

When I got home from the trip five days later, I find the credit card sitting on my desk at work.


If we want to know what's holding us back from achieving our dreams, let's look around.  What most bothers us in others, especially our children, just might be our own Achilles' heel.

I've been misplacing things my entire life.  Only when I saw the apple fall too close to the tree, did I become aware.

When I can't keep track of things, I'm less organized, less productive.  More importantly, I get rattled.  The fallout from that isn't good for achieving my dreams.

Maybe as I am now aware enough to work on knowing where things are, I'll be aware enough to find my dreams too.

Is there something that really sticks in your craw about someone else?  Especially your children?  Will you peel things back a bit — and see what you might discover about yourself?

P.S. No children were harmed in the living of this post.

P.P.S.  After my son and I exchanged words, he apologized for not keeping track of his things.  I forgave him.  I apologized for losing my temper.  Forgiveness is good.

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