Are you equipped to lead through change?

You want to be a leader who can effectively navigate your team through change, but you're wondering if you have what it takes to travel through uncharted waters.

You know you have the skills to innovate in the marketplace, but leading a team and managing your own career requires so much more than that.

Team of Coaches

Our team of executive coaches support C-Suite executives across a variety of industries, and have a deep understanding of how executives can create or destroy value depending on the culture they create both through the words and their actions.

Our approach to coaching is grounded in the disruptive innovation theory, based on the premise that the individual is the fundamental unit of the disruption. Building on this foundation of personal accountability, we work with executives and their teams using a variety of methods to ensure we are tailoring our approach to meet your needs.

Our team of coaches works with organizations to create a comprehensive coaching experience. Our process helps leaders, their people, and their teams achieve the insights required to grow and reach their potential. We work with both individuals and entire organizations to assess, match, and coach your high-growth individuals

Coaching is the delta between possibility and achievement. Let our team support your human potential.

Whitney Johnson Executive Coaching

Our founder, Whitney Johnson, is known as one of the world’s foremost thought leaders and executive coaches for executives in high-growth organizations and is recognized by the following:

  • Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered Coaching
  • Coach, Harvard Business School Executive Education
  • Member, Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching
  • Original Cohort of 15, Marshall Goldsmith’s #100 Coaches
  • Top 100 Best Coaches Award – World HRD Congress (India)

Whitney works with a limited number of C-Suite executives each year, and would love to guide you down the path of disruption.

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Whitney Johnson's content and insights about personal disruption and learning curves are relevant and sticky. It resonates with individuals at all levels of leadership, and we have worked to bake it into our talent development practice. Her Train-the-Trainer enables us to ensure that all of our leaders are conversant in the S Curve of Learning framework.  Whitney is also a superb coach–she offers on-point insights, inspires and empowers you to be more as a leader. She is our organization’s thought and accountability partner helping us move up our own S Curve of Learning.


Scott Pulsipher, President, Western Governors University

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