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126. Rita McGrath: Inflection Points

When the Wright brothers completed the first sustained manned flight it was a pivotal moment in history. Travel, commerce, logistics, and world relations would forever be impacted by those [...]

125. Ali Brown: Good at Something

When we talk about disrupting yourself, I typically advise that you look before you leap. Make a planned exit, cushion the landing, prepare for the change. But that is [...]

122. Stephen Nelson: The Art of Collaboration

Stephen Nelson speaks the language of music. A primarily self-taught pianist, he has an amazing talent for composition, oftentimes performing on-the-spot “mash ups” of famous songs for live audiences. [...]

  • Adam Grant - Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

119. Adam Grant: Give and Take

When Adam Grant joined his high school diving team, his coach told him he had good news and bad news: Adam lack flexibility and grace, two of the three [...]

118. Carol Kauffman: Don't Hold Back

Don’t hold back. That is my biggest take-away from our guest today, Carol Kauffman, the founder and Executive Director of the Institute of Coaching at the Harvard Medical School. [...]

111. Brené Brown: Called to Courage

I love Brené Brown’s story. A “late bloomer,” Brené graduated from her undergrad when she was 29 years old, then proceeded straight into her master’s and [...]

110. Safi Bahcall: Nurturing Crazy Ideas

My guest on the podcast today is Safi Bahcall - physicist, biotech CEO, entrepreneur, tennis aficionado, and author of the outstanding book, Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas [...]

109. Tamika Catchings: Path for Success

When Tamika Catchings was a freshman at the University of Tennessee, her coach, Pat Summit, told her that someday her story would “impact thousands, maybe millions of people.” It [...]

107. Ty Shay: Make Yourself Obsolete

My guest on the podcast today is Ty Shay, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Norton/LifeLock. Well regarded for his expertise, marketing is not the career path Ty originally [...]

Take the Right Kinds of Risks

To celebrate the 100th episode of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, we're disrupting our format a bit. In Episode 80 we gave you a preview of an online [...]

Dan Shapero: Stepping Back to Grow

Dan Shapero’s team was a rocket ship. When he stepped in as leader of LinkedIn’s recruiting business, annual revenue was around $40 million. By 2014, it was [...]

Bethany Quam: Staying in Growth

Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on Google Play When we’re feeling stagnant or trapped in our job, jumping [...]

James Clear: Just One Percent Better

“Disruption,” as a word, has always had an explosive sound to me. Disruption causes your world to shift and change—an earthquake in the making. However, every once [...]

Donna Hicks: Guardians of Dignity

Israel and Palestine. Northern Ireland. Colombia. Libya. These are more than just countries to Donna Hicks. Notorious for their political upheaval and turmoil, within their borders, Donna [...]

Asheesh Advani: Removing Obstacles

On the podcast today I am pleased to introduce Asheesh Advani, the CEO of Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement (or JA) is an organization that provides children and [...]

Dave Hollis: Abandoning Certainty

When his eight-year-old son asked Dave Hollis what his biggest fear was, no doubt he anticipated an answer along the lines of “tarantula” or “scorpions.” Instead, he [...]

Q&A Episode: My Learning Curve

As I say at the beginning of every episode, I think, write, speak, and live all things disruption. I take this responsibility very seriously, so while each [...]

Saul Kaplan: Innovation Junkie

When Saul Kaplan produced his carefully compiled spreadsheet of how he planned to host a two day summit on innovation, the last thing he expected his friend to [...]

Shachar Orren: Leaping at a Chance

For most graduates, a steady job is a dream come true (bonus points if it comes with good pay). When Shachar Orren completed her two-year mandatory service [...]

Harold O'Neal: Music as a Mirror

My guest today is Harold O’Neal, a Tanzanian-born American pianist, film score composer, and record producer who has worked with the likes of U2, Jay-Z and Disney. I [...]

Tiffani Bova: Experience is the Product

My guest today is Tiffani Bova, speaker, author, thought-leader, and Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce. Her book, Growth IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices That Will [...]

Benjamin Spall: The Power of Routine

Benjamin Spall keeps his phone in the kitchen at night. As co-author of the book My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired, and mymorningroutine.com, Benjamin [...]

Carine Clark: Tougher Than We Know

My guest today is Carine Clark, CEO of Banyan, a company that helps medical practices engage with their patients. A three-time CEO, she's been awarded the Ernst [...]

Zach Obront: Solve a Problem

Today’s guest is Zach Obront, co-founder of Scribe (formerly Book in a Box), a company that helps entrepreneurs and innovators turn their ideas into a book. When [...]

Chester Elton: Cheering For Others

My guest today is Chester Elton, the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Carrot Principle, which has sold over 1.5 million copies to date. He has been [...]

Laura Vanderkam: Time is Elastic

My guest today is Laura Vanderkam, an expert on time management who's 2016 TED Talk "How to Gain Control of Your Free Time" has been viewed over 5 [...]

  • Pat Flynn - Disrupt Yourself Podcast with Whitney Johnson

Pat Flynn: Always Serve First

Takeaways from this episode: -Always serve first. When you serve others and help them they’re going to look for ways to repay you (often in ways other than [...]

June Cohen: Decide, Decide, Decide

Our guest today is June Cohen, a pioneer in the web industry for her work at HotWired (the web division of Wired magazine), author of “The Unusually Useful [...]

  • Carter Cast - Disrupt Yourself Podcast

Carter Cast: The Five Archetypes of Derailment

My guest today is Carter Cast, former CEO of Walmart.com, professor of management at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, and the author of The Right—and Wrong—Stuff: How Brilliant Careers [...]

Build an A-Team

Disrupting yourself is a way of life around here, so it’s only natural that it is my turn to be disrupted. Today is Launch Day for my new [...]

Tom Peters: Excellence Found

Today’s guest is Tom Peters, best-selling author of the groundbreaking book In Search of Excellence, which changed the way the world viewed the connection between corporate culture and [...]

Nick Gray: One Person Can Change Your Life

Nick Gray thought museums were boring. As a business-minded individual, he couldn’t understand why anyone would be fascinated by the contents and just wanted the physically (and emotionally) [...]

Deb Dugan: Stepping Back to Grow

Everybody knows I’m an advocate for the step back to grow. That’s the counterintuitive career move we make that opens up future opportunity rather than providing immediate gains [...]

Michelle McKenna-Doyle: Disrupting the NFL

I’m thrilled to announce the debut of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, a project I’ve been disrupting myself with these past few months. Our first episode features a conversation with the [...]