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Whether feeling challenged by Robert Glazer's focus on core values, marveling at the precocious Mark Metry, cataloging Ryan Gottfredson's tips for shifting mindsets, grinning at the unfailingly humble Darrell Rigby, or cheering Michelle McKenna's triumphs at the NFL despite devastating hardships... each episode taught me several things. They also made the miles fly by.


What I like the most about your podcast is how you reflect & apply what your guests say into your S Curve framework along with the emotional touches you bring to your perspective. Thank you for your work!


Your little tag at the end of Simon’s interview was fire. That was uber-insightful. That kind of vulnerability, to confess feeling a disconnect and share how you processed that, is the kind of thing that makes me love listening to you.


Your genuine interest in my story was a wonderful thing to experience.


There are podcasts and then there are PODCASTS! Your podcast interview was one of the most interesting I've done.


You are a world class interviewer. Thanks for making me sound so smart.


Such a fantastic conversation. One of my favorite interviews ever.



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