Dream (and Disrupt) Roundup

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Here's what inspired me to dream and disrupt this week!


It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine. — Byron Katie (v Soulseeds)

Never ever discount your own boredom, it may be trying to tell you something. — Geoff Talbot

Science is only human; what we learn and design depends on what we ask. – Jackie Acho

A platform is not your website; it's the people who give you permission to communicate with them.Jeff Goins

Every writer needs to find the form that releases their best intelligence.David Shields

The Eloquent Woman

Trust is a currency that doesn't have to fluctuate. — Shaku Selvakumar

Instead of calling people fans, call them one person at a time.  As often as possible, by name.  Peer level. – @chrisbrogan

Intellect:  Identifying correctly all the variables in play.  Intelligence:  realizing in which variable lies your comparative advantage.Marcus Buckingham

The reptilian part of our brain, which sits in the center of our brain, when it's threatened, it shuts down everything else, it shuts down the prefrontal cortex, the parts which learn, it shuts all of that down.  Punishment and examinations are seen as threats. We take our children, we make them shut their brains down, and then we say, “Perform.” – Sugata Mitra v Brene Brown

 I have learned…that when one's mind is made up, knowing what must be done, does away with fear. – Rosa Parks v @Brilliant Women

 What inspired you?

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