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I'm back in the saddle again. — Gene Autry (1907-1998), American cowboy actor and singer.

I registered, and made my hotel reservations for Ladies Rock Camp months ago.

Two days ago I cancelled my trip.

Camp started this morning, and so I'm sad.

I was on the verge of moving beyond just imagining to exploring my possibilities; on the threshold of finding my voice, discovering more of me.

But it won't happen this weekend.

There are times when circumstances beyond our control prevent us from exploring. I wonder though, if, more often than not, we lose our nerve.

It's probably good for us to sort through the why of our decisions. But it's more important that we never, never, never, never give up on exploring…

And when we fall off the saddle of our possibilities, we get right back up.

I'm going to.

Will you?

Photograph courtesy of Judy A. Mosby, one who has gotten back in the saddle many a time.

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