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Occasionally, and unfortunately recurrently, I receive unsettling communiques.  As I scan the text, my level head (the piece that can readily dispense advice) knows the appropriate response (it's not deliberate, it's not about you, there may be a workable solution, but even if there's not, it's still not about you).  But because of the people and issues involved, logic goes AWOL – every time, leaving me cumbered with a knapsack of hurt and anger.

Until last week.

I read the e-mail.  Mind you, I was not perfectly composed, but my level head prevailed:  I didn't say or do anything that I really regret.  I even handled the situation constructively.  It was one of the highlights of my week.

I've always believed that you and I were made “to act, and not be acted upon”.  Stomaching this belief can be hard when I feel out of control.  But without it, I'm quite certain, there are many instances in which I would have emotionally fled, become a deserter.

There will no doubt be more skirmishes between me and myself.  This week though, we won.

What a sense of accomplishment.



Do you believe you are agentic — made to act and not be acted upon?

How has this belief helped you to keep showing up in vexing circumstances?

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