Making a Place for Your Dream

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You must have a room or a…place where…you can bring forth what you are…and what you may be. Joseph Campbell

Natasha_layne_brien Photo courtesy of Natasha Layne Brien

It's been nearly eight months since I started working with Clayton Christensen on his hedge fund, but not until today had I allowed myself to believe that it will really happen.

The feeling came on suddenly, surprisingly.

And it wasn't because we'd agreed upon my compensation (we already had), or because an institutional investor expressed interest (which they did).

Are you ready?

It was because we'd found office space.

And in so doing, the fund moved from something conceptual, even abstract, to something real because now we have a physical space, a little (very little) corner of the world whose sole purpose is to facilitate the launching of this fund — and one of my dreams.

Which got me to thinking about the special places I went to as a young girl, whether to sew, to play the piano, to read, or to ice skate….as well as the places I go to (my home office!) to dream today.

And most especially I began to wonder…

Do you have a place where you can go to dream? To bring forth who you are — and who you may become?

P.S. Thanks to Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance for leading me to the Joseph Campbell quote several years ago.

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