188. Marcus Whitney: Create and Orchestrate

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At just 20 years old Marcus Whitney, was a young father with another child on the way. He had dropped out of college, was working as a waiter and living in an efficiency hotel. But as Marcus explains, what you do when your back is against the wall makes all the difference.

Listen as we discuss:

  • Overcoming poverty, depression and past trauma to become a thriving entrepreneur.
  • How success can camouflage unaddressed trauma – showing up, as Marcus teaches, in the form of some dysfunctional behavior that you probably don’t love about yourself.
  • Marcus' book, Create and Orchestrate, an elegant and fresh business framework applicable across industries.
  • Honestly evaluating the ROI of your educational dollars.

Continued below…

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Marcus Whitney is a self-taught software developer, was the head of technology at Emma Email Marketing, is the co-founder and co-owner of Jumpstart Foundry, one of the most active healthcare venture capital firms in the United States; is the CEO of Health: Further, a healthcare strategic advisory firm; and is co-founder and a part-owner of the Nashville Soccer Club, Nashville, Tennessee’s Major League Soccer Team.

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