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Six months ago, my daughter Miranda started a blog.

She really, really, really wants a dog, but I'm allergic, so she has a fish, had a lizard, and now a guinea pig — and has started a blog about dogs.

She asked me to tell you about Miranda's Dog Blog; I promised her I would once she had 10 entries.

Now she does.

Dog breederMEJ
This is a picture Miranda, Age 8, drew; read more about it here.

Will you go visit her blog and leave a comment?

Even better, why don't you share her blog with fellow dog lovers, daughters, granddaughters or nieces?

She will be thrilled.


We really are a gatekeeper to our children's dreams.  What dreams are our children dreaming?

And if we can't open the gate (because we don't know how to (e.g. learn to sew or become an Eagle Scout) or don't have the energy), are there people in our sphere that can?  

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