My Birthday Post: Disrupt Yourself

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On August 22, I published a piece on Harvard Business Review titled Disrupt Yourself.  I purposely published that date because it was my birthday; this piece was a personal manifesto, a birthday present to me.

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It turned out to be a fine present, in part because I got to hear many others' disrupt yourself stories, including this one from blogger Joanne Wilson titled Disruptive, Disruptiveness, Disruptively. Before telling her personal story of disruption, here's what she wrote:

women define disruptive.  we continue to change our goals, our jobs, our direction as we charge down the path of life.  men's careers tend to look like a growth chart starting at the bottom and slowly moving upward over the course of their careers.  women's charts tend to look a little more erratic as they go up and down depending on where they are in their life mostly because of children and also because as a group we have a bigger bandwidth of interests that might play out over time.  

Women are instinctively disruptors — it's how we live our lives.  And in the context of this blog, when you dare to dream, aren't you really daring to disrupt your status quo?


What present will you give to you on your next birthday? 

How have you disrupted yourself?

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