Refining Your Pitch

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On September 22-23, I am speaking at the Pitch Refinery in Chicago, the brainchild of Melissa Pierce, a DIY entrepreneur who has also gone into film production, founded a computer programming school, and created a search engine just for finding women leaders.  Melissa describes the Pitch Refinery as an opportunity to “learn to pitch investors, the press, and customers. Public speaking for TV, the media, on stage, and to your board. A crash course on how to say it, and when.”  Her view is — it isn't enough to know how to do a 30-second pitch.  My view is:  she's right.

One of the most powerful means of communicating our ideas is the spoken word.   Thus the persuasive power of the orator.   What's difficult for many of us, women in particular, is we are taught to listen — especially in the workplace.  As a consequence, women tend to be relatively good listeners.  Too good.  Listening is necessary for us to move our businesses forward, but it is not sufficient.  Whether securing customers, press coverage, or funding, we need to be able to articulate our views and advocate for our ideas: to be both the conversational preposition and the object.

If you are building your career and/or your business and need to get your pitch down, take a look.

What about you? 

Do you find that you can capably use your words?

When was the last time you were especially effective in stating your case?  How did it feel?

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