179: Robert Glazer: Friday Forward

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Most of us desire to be more intentional in our personal and professional lives. We want to steer life rather than have it steer us – but where do we start? Our guest this episode believes we start by defining our core values.

“One of the things about core values I've come to understand is I think they've been there since you were little. You just don't get the instruction manual, you know, when you're born saying, hey… here's how you work.” Robert Glazer

Robert Glazer’s intentional yet curious approach to life has yielded success. He is the founder and CEO of global partner marketing agency, Acceleration Partners and is the co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. A serial entrepreneur, Robert has a passion for helping individuals and organizations build their capacity to elevate.

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A regular columnist for Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur, Robert’s writing reaches over five million people around the globe each year who resonate with his topics, which range from performance marketing and entrepreneurship to company culture, capacity building, hiring and leadership.

His leadership focused newsletter, Friday Forward, reaches over 100,000 people and fifty countries. And now, Robert has published a new book showcasing 52 of his most brilliant and impactful stories. His book, appropriately titled Friday Forward, continues to deliver on what has set his newsletter apart – insightful and compelling stories that help lead you to lasting and positive change.

In this episode we discuss how Robert came to be a serial entrepreneur, learn how he and his partners built an award-winning culture and discover how defining his core values has helped him simplify decision making.

“When you can actually articulate them [core values], what that does to you from a decision-making standpoint of saying this is clearly what I should do, this is what I should not do. And so, coming out of that, really what I did was I doubled down on things that were aligned, then I really pulled back on things that, that weren't.” Robert Glazer

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