Soundtracks: Finding Our Voice, Telling Our Story

2017-03-08T13:56:27-05:00February 24th, 2008|Dare Dream Do, Personal|

Before I list the songs that comprise my current top five (for my top 40s), may I share with you some of the 'dare to dream' lessons learned from this 'Tell your soundtrack story' series? 1) Re-listening to beloved childhood music helps us become the hero of our story. As I re-listened to music I loved as a girl, I remembered that I loved LOVED making music, playing the piano in particular. Which is why my recently volunteering/being asked to play the piano every Sunday for the children at our church is such a gift; I'm rediscovering the making of music, and taking something that I loved back. I'm even toying with trying to compose a children's song. Any lyricists or poets among you? What music did you love as a child? As you listen to music from a time in your life when you still knew you were Rachel (see Rachel and Leah below), what did you remember about who and how you wanted to be? How can this remembering help you to be the hero of your story?

What I’ve Learned by Identifying My Heroes

2017-08-18T13:19:59-04:00August 13th, 2007|Dare Dream Do, Personal|

Writing about my heros (which you can find at the bottom of this post) was indeed revelatory. Here's why: 1) I was surprised by how much my heros have changed over time -- from Bewitched's Samantha to Peggy Noonan? 2) It was also interesting to observe that my childhood heros were imaginary. A reminder just how much children identify with the imaginary, magical world. I clearly watched television as a child, and most would consider me a functioning contributing member of society. Who were your heros as a child? Who are they today? How have they changed? 2) My heros have played a greater role in who I've become than I would have predicted prior to this exercise. Example A: The fact that I so admired Samantha and Shirley Partridge as a young girl makes it a lot less surprising that I care about mothering well, my many years of "not wanting to have kids yet" notwithstanding.