Neylan McBaine

Tell Your Soundtrack Story: College, Culmination of Childhood Dreams

2017-08-18T13:19:57-04:00February 14th, 2008|Personal|

Important music during my 20's seems to largely represent the culmination of childhood dreams, prior to pursuing different dreams. I've tried to capture this experience in a children's book which Mallika Sundaramurthy has illustrated; I will share the book with you at a later date. In Clip 1, I am playing Lizst's, Concert Etude in D-flat Major, "Un sospiro" as part of my senior piano recital (for my posterity -- entire program is below). This recital was a significant milestone: it allowed me to be the hero of my story, rethink my competence, and tell an audio story for my posterity. It was also a stepping stone, as I symbolically closed the chapter on a childhood dream prior to starting my career chapter in New York. I owe a debt to Dr. Paul Pollei for pushing me and preparing me to pull this off -- a huge debt. A reminder of the importance of our mentoring others.