Why Not Send Flowers?

I don't know about you.

But I LOVE flowers.

I love buying them for others and for myself — especially during the wintertime.


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Some may consider it self-indulgent to buy themselves flowers; my 12 year-old son told me precisely that tonight.  But (yep — I disagree with my 12 year-old) who is better qualified to pick out precisely the right flowers for you than you?

And while you're at it, buy some for someone else.


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Maybe for a boyfriend or spouse for Valentine's Day, but why not also…

Send some to a friend that has a 3-month old baby, is sleep-deprived, and could use a pick-me-up?

Or a friend that has just moved to a new state and/or started a new job?


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Or maybe, just maybe, you want one of your dearest friends to know how wonderful you think she is.

So you send her flowers.

Just because.

When a Dream Dies

My first pregnancy had been SO easy.

First try.  Pregnant.  Not a day of morning sickness.

And notwithstanding the fact that I'd had my son the old-fashioned way because no anesthesiologists were on hand when I arrived at the hospital, his birth was also easy.

Two years later, I was ready to have another baby.

I'd get pregnant in late August; an early summer baby wouldn't interfere with my busy time at work, and allow me to enjoy a summer off.

Baby number two — coming right up.

Easy peasy.



Until I miscarried.

I was only one month along.  No big deal – I told myself.

But it was a big deal.

My body and world were reshaping, welcoming new possibilities — I was going to have another baby.

And then I wasn't.


Several months ago, one of my girlfriends' dreams derailed.

Oddly enough, I immediately thought of a miscarriage.

Perhaps we've hoped and planned, planned and hoped.  Perhaps the dream was borne of necessity as was my friend's.

As we dare to dream, we are preparing to birth a new piece of our self.

Something wonderful is going to be.

But sometimes the dream dies.

And we are sad — very sad.

Do we eventually make meaning of the experience, tell our story?


Do we try to have another baby, dare again to dream?


In the meantime, do we need to grieve?


I'm trying to — I hope you will too.

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