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Lily Liang | iPhone iNeed?

2017-08-18T13:19:58-04:00October 5th, 2007|Guest Bloggers|

Some months ago, I wrote, "I may be only one storyteller, and this blog may not reach many, but for those it does reach, my hope is that 'dare to dream' will be a place where women can come to hear empowering stories from and about other women, and are encouraged to start telling stories, our own stories, in which we claim a central place."

Lily Liang, my first guest blogger, is one of these storytellers. And, as a woman who majored in Operations Research (read: technology/computers) at Cornell, Lily is uniquely qualified to do the "woman thing" called for by management guru Tom Peters.

When my friend Paulina introduced me to Lily, I was so engaged by her story, I immediately asked if she would guest blog; she has kindly consented. May you enjoy learning from her as much as I have.

Lily begins, "I remember being genuinely surprised when I first read Whitney's iPhone inDifference posting and saw the picture that showed hardly any women waiting in line for the iPhone.