An Impossible Task

It's Wednesday morning, a week after the launch of Dare, Dream, Do.

I'm scrolling through my tweet stream and list of blog posts, (and that doesn't even include Facebook), trying to choose my favorites since I promised to share them with you.

Can I tell you, it's an almost impossible task?

There are so many inspiring posts – and kind tweets.  Here are just a few:

First, from former presidential campaign spokesperson Dorie Clark, this interview posted at Forbes.

A Mother's Day reflection from Susan Cain, bestselling author of Quiet.

Powerful thoughts about how to access your dreams by best-selling author Jesse Lyn Stoner.

An interview piece by Christina Vuleta, founder of 40/20 Vision, for The Daily Muse.

A thoughtful story and questions by leadership author Wally Bock.

Some tips and questions about pursuing your dream job, by executive coach, Joel Garfinkle.

A book review by Bob Morris, one of Amazon's top 50 reviewers.

And, here are some tweets:

Thank you to all who have tweeted and blogged, sent e-mails to your friends, and bought the book.

I am so grateful!

P.S.  If you wrote a blog post that isn't featured here (because I missed it!), will you leave a link in the comments, so that we can include?  Or e-mail me off-line!

P.P.S. For those of you in greater Boston, I hope I'll see you at Barnes & Noble in Framingham between noon and 3pm on May 19!

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