HBR – How Star Women Build Portable Skills

2017-08-18T13:19:57-04:00April 7th, 2008|Harvard Business Review|

In the 'What is your dream?' questionnaire, one of the questions posed is -- What is the biggest challenge (personal or professional) I've overcome? Who would I be had I not surmounted this obstacle? Because one of my biggest professional challenges has been working on Wall Street, I was intrigued when my friend Stacey Petrey referred me to Professor Boris Groysberg's article 'How Star Women Build Portable Skills', a study which states that women are generally more successful than men in moving from one job to another because of the portability of our skills. Groysberg states "women have learned how to build external networks of clients, associates, and other professionals outside the organizations - that remain intact when they depart...Not because women set out to do this, but because they [women] are often marginalized and have to fight institutional barriers, so they build external networks out of necessity." Can you relate to this as much as I can?