Tweak It by Cali Williams Yost

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For dreamers who are ready to do, I recommend Tweak It by Cali Yost.

Here's my blurb for the book:

Tweak It, by Cali Williams Yost, the leading authority on managing work and life, just went to the top of my recommended reading list for people who are ready to get their dreams done.  Having made my own list of tweaks, I am already going more confidently in the direction of my dreams.  I am certain you will too.  When you ‘tweak it', dreams won't be somewhere over the rainbow, you'll find they are right under your feet.

I then wrote the following in a private e-mail to Cali:

Such a practical book Cali, including helps around getting my sophomore son ready for college.  But I think your biggest success is that when you first mentioned work/life balance to me a few years ago, I thought bah humbug.  I am now a believer in life + work fit.  The tweaks you recommend aren't about working ‘getting out of work', but about helping me fulfill my dream of being both successful in my career and as a parent.  

As a consequence of reading Tweak It, I've implemented the following tweaks that will move me closer to my dream of a happy family:

1)  Family dinner 3x a week
2)  15 minutes of relationship time/day with each of my children, as in time that isn't about my telling them to do something against which they can rebel — time just to be with them.
3)  Continue to write in Just Family 1x/week

Said Thomas Moore, “Learn to live small and you will discover great pleasures.  You will accomplish more in your life than you could ever predict if you were overly ambitious.”  Once you've dreamed, and are ready to make resolutions, the best kinds of resolutions start with doing what we can do, or making tweaks.

What would you like to tweak?

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