Vitamin D for Dreaming

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A few months ago I had my first physical exam in nearly a decade.  I know that's way too long, but I don't much like going to the doctor.

While the doctor generally gave me a clean bill of health, my Vitamin D was too low.  It should be at least 30; it was 20.  No big deal, I thought.  Until she told me Vitamin D can increase my sense of well-being by reducing anxiety, depression, and food cravings.  Given its level was 33% lower than it should be, was my sense of well-being 33% lower too?

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Because Vitamin D is found in very few foods (fish, fish liver, egg yolks) I started taking a supplement; spending time in the spring sunshine should further boost levels.

Not surprisingly, my sense of well-being has begun to improve, and along with it, my motivation to dream.  Dreaming requires hope.  Hope like sunshine smiles on us.  When we are depressed, hope is obscured.

If you want to dream, but can't seem to get there, why not get your Vitamin D levels checked?  Or start spending 15 minutes in the sun everyday?

Vitamin D.
For well-being; for dreaming.
Highly recommended.

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